My opinion is not a permanent destination for something that I think. It may change like the weather. I've been learning to not really focus on opinions too much—to let them go and to just make art. There’s a lot of freedom in letting go. I’ve been living day to day and clearing my mind of expectations while being open to opportunity and experiences. Detaching myself has allowed me invite and attract what the universe wishes for me to receive. We all have our own personal journey throughout life and sharing our experiences is how we grow and mature. I’ve learned to listen more and to not be offended quickly. What can you learn from any experience? The artwork is just art. It’s nice, and cool to look at, but the real value in all of it is the people you meet and learn and grow from/with along the way. Those encounters are priceless.

Today I went to an open studio event at the ZHOU Art Center in Chicago Illinois. I met an artist named Michel Delgado and he showed me around. I’m someone who is not too involved with other creative people or places, I mostly just do my own thing. I rarely look at other peoples work. From roaming around this facility and taking everything in, I remembered and re-encountered a sense of humility and gratitude today. I’m not exactly sure why, but it felt really good and human. I embraced it. There are so many talented people all doing what they love, and that’s one of the key points to Special Delivery—is to inspire people to do what they love, whether its art or not. My preferences, or anyone else’s, shouldn’t hinder you from what you truly want to do. Don’t live with a fear of judgement. Those people are just unsatisfied with some aspect of themselves. I use a lot of sarcasm but I do most things out of love.