Special Delivery: Some Scattered Updates

I don’t like contemporary art. I went into the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago yesterday and after I walked through the whole building I wanted to ask the front desk where the art was.

Walking through downtown Chicago yesterday, I saw a chain link fence blocking something off on a street corner. The fencing was lined with plastic that had leaf patterns to make it look like a bush. That’s contemporary art, right? I thought maybe I could drag that bush fence to their front door and they’d accept my offer. I didn’t do that. But I did leave a painting. Maybe there is some contemporary art that I would like, but I’m not actually sure what contemporary art is. The artwork that was in the museum was not interesting, to me.

So far I’m really enjoying this road trip. I got pretty lucky in New York with getting into the Van Der Plas Gallery on Orchard Street. I will be in a group exhibition from April 8th-14th and the opening reception will be on the 10th. In the future I am hoping to have more opportunity in New York with a possible move to the city. As of now, that is just a hopeful dream.

Will is going to be flying out of Chicago tomorrow and Jet is flying in. From Chicago, the next destination will be Denver. I think I’ve driven around 1,900 miles so far. The North East side of the U.S. has been fun but I think I’m ready to travel West in to yesterday.