Contemporary Art

Actually, I do like contemporary art. Some of it. Contemporary art is a genre that has a broad variety of artwork. I’m just not too into a blade of grass taped on the wall or a dirty boot nailed to the wall, or something like that. But I do like Jackson Pollack, who is an artist that is placed into this category.

Special Delivery Update: From Chicago we drove to Omaha, NE and stopped there for the night. The next morning we drove to Denver, CO. This stretch of land was uneventful and mundane, but the mountains in Colorado were worth the drive. I liked the scenery in Colorado but I didn’t care to much for Denver. I did like a smaller town North West of Denver called Boulder. I felt that Boulder had a much more welcoming atmosphere.

We stayed in Denver for two nights and left for Las Vegas early on Tuesday March 20th. Now we are in Vegas and I’m going to be setting up a piece of art in front of the Bellagio fountain. I have visited Vegas many time and it is a sentimental city that is near to heart. Tomorrow we’ll head to L.A..

So far Special Delivery has been an amazing adventure. I can’t help but wonder what is going to come of all of it, but I have enjoyed my experiences. This is pretty much the halfway mark of the exhibition and I’m really hoping that I stumble upon a forwarding opportunity to my art career. Thank you to all who support me.