A Silver Thumb Tack Changed The World

As the Special Delivery Exhibition is winding down, I want to share some of my experiences. One thing I can say, again, is how fortunate I am to have such great people in my life. My friends Will Malone and Jet Smith have played a huge roll in this whole adventure.

One beautiful aspect about art is the ability to allow someone to feel or to provoke a thought. Any kind of reaction is interesting to observe, it says a lot about people as a whole. I do not view any of this in absolutes such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. To me, it is all just a record of how art can influence the behavior, or what kind of figurative chord may be plucked within an individual. These reactions tend to be a direct result of where someone is in their life-their insecurities or aspects of themselves that they deny.

As humans, we tend to be uncomfortable when the inner pieces of ourselves that we ignore are exposed. We don’t like to be reminded of what we lie to ourselves about.. some of us. At least I have been guilty of this at times. But I have learned that if I embrace and acknowledge the so called darkness within myself that I can turn it into a light for others.

Provoking any kind of reaction from someone, through art, is basically a way to shine light into the areas of someone’s life that they may need to tend to. It’s kind of like doing God’s work. Why is someone comforted or offended by any specific piece of art? What are they ignoring in their own life to cause such a reaction? Or maybe it is comforting and a confirmation that they are doing the right things in their life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I will do when I return to Chattanooga. I’ve been bombarded with so many wonders and worry. One thing I know for certain is that I will continue making Special Deliveries throughout the city.

I have traveled all over spreading yes ma’am across this beautiful land, our country. As I’ve seen so much art along the way, I am confident in what I do. My art stands among the Picasso’s and Basquiat’s. We stand side by side. The greatness in me is the greatness in you. None of us are above or below each other in life. We are all here to learn and get through life side by side.

I have solidity knowing that what I do with my art and that what I express is amazing. I am honest with myself and it is reflected in my artwork. People are drawn to creativity because it explains what they can’t. Well.. that’s the artist’s job. That is my job. As an artist I have analyzed my human qualities, along with my own personal stories, and I can express those deep thoughts and feelings that other people may not dive in to on a daily basis.

And there I saw it. The reflected sunlight glimmering off of a silver thumb tack. The beam of light disturbed my eye and I remembered.. that God works in mysterious ways. I became famous in only four days.