Day Dreaming at Night

His caw echoed through the barren hills

And the wind flew through his dusty mind

His days were yet ahead

His nights were long behind

His was herein the time of presence

Being bold and empty and true

Bold, empty, and true

As he thinks to pray

He thinks the thought is enough

To connect with the Gods

The Gods would already know

Did the Gods not place the prayer in the mind of the man?

Did the Gods not place the thought of prayer into the mind of this man?

Here we go again, at the beginning.

I blend in so well

It’s all so plain to see

But the way in which I formulate us,

is so unique

This mysterious puzzle

And we’re all a piece

Not meant to be solved

Pieces leave

Pieces appear

This news was foreseen before it was delivered

Beautiful, none the least

And then I found myself,

completely falling into place

Scattered pieces amongst the floor,


Completely complete