The Special Delivery Exhibition/My Bread Crumb Trail

I’ve been planning this idea for quite a while now. Its been something that I ignored for a long time but eventually I realized that I should do it since I was thinking about it often. The Special Delivery Exhibition is a trip across the United States that involves leaving some of my artwork at different public locations. The idea is to make the unknown known. I am not a well-known artist but I think that what I do is significant and worthy. The frustration of being a recognizable name in the art world is where my idea came from for this exhibition. If I make all of this artwork, and I work all day, and stay up all night working towards these dreams, what is it for if no ones ever sees it? am I going to die as an unknown artists.. another one of those? I refuse. I’ll drive around leaving them on doorsteps if it comes to that. I suppose that kind of frustration has led me to actively pursue this idea. I don’t think this has been done before either, so the original idea was also convincing. I want Robert Schoolfield to be a brand, a recognizable undeniable force in the art world. And I think its going to happen.. it is happening.

As of right now Special Delivery will be a road trip starting in my hometown Chattanooga, TN and will go through the following locations: Nashville, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, and then back home. We will be stopping at specific public locations along the way leaving artwork at each stop for people to see and interact with. The locations listed are the main area of interest but there will be several other places that we decide to stop at along the way.

Will Malone and Jet Smith, two friends of mine, will be accompanying me on this artistic adventure. Will is primarily a photographer and currently working on forwarding his business. Aside from photography Will does other side projects such as a podcast and he has an interest in film. Along with my project Will will be documenting and filming pieces of the journey. With life happenings and availability restrictions, Will will be ending his part of the tour in Chicago and fly back home. At this point Jet will be flying in and continuing the remainder of the Journey.

Jet Smith is a young, multi-talented creative individual with aspirations in many different categories. Over the last year and a half Jet’s focus has been on opening a community darkroom in Chattanooga. Jet and I have collaborated and worked on several projects together and share similar perspectives on creativity and what all of it means. Jet will be picking up where Will left off in documenting the story, and using the experience for inspiration in his own artistic pursuits. We will finish the route that will initially lead us West towards Denver and the West Coast, and then eventually ending up back in Chattanooga.

With Will’s photography business taking off and Jet’s darkroom opening up, only three weeks before he flies out to Chicago, this whole idea is somewhat of a risk for both of them. There is a sense of suspense in the air. I hope that the experiences ahead allows us to forward our creative careers and take us to higher levels of success. If you’d like to learn more about Will or Jet click the links below.

Will Malone

Instagram: @willmalone


Jet Smith

Instagram: @fleetingmode @safelightdistrict


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